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Regain Vitality Through Nutrition

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Gain over 22 years of natural wholistic remedies to help reverse today most common ailments.  In this journey we take you on a journey of food that heals your mind body helping you to operate at optimal potential.  Our videos, programs, resources and virtual classes focuses on remedies that commonly plagues our culture and society at large.

Our programs cover foods that:

  • heals the brains

  • lowers cholesterol

  • lowers hypertension

  • reverses diabetes

  • reduces cancer.

  • and more.

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Uzima wellness program

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Pre Recordings & Live Classes Are Available 

Here is our current listing of available classes

  • Foods For The Brain

    Course Focuses On Food That Combats Alzheimer & Dementia
    • 4 Live Group Sessions
    • Understanding the Brain Presentation
    • Presentation on How Leaky Gut Impacts The Brain
    • Markers of Leaky Gut
    • What Foods To Avoid
    • 60 Totally Plant Base Recipes
    • Brain Myth Debunker Guide & Presentation
    • And More!
  • Eat 4 Optimal Health

    Food's That Build The Immune System
    • Lean How The Immune System Functions
    • Learn About Specific Foods That Build The Immune System
    • Live Virtual Cooking Sessions Every Sunday
    • Live Classes Starts 2/20/22 - 3/27/22

    Learn natural remedies that will help you eliminate diabetes
    • Learn How To:
    • Shift your mindset
    • Focus on the cause of Diabetes
    • Use food as your medicine
    • How to Transform your Genes
    • Create Accountability
    • Make Healthy Choices
    • Achieve your health goals
    • Conquer your fears!!

Bring Life Home With Our Cookbook

Eat for Optimal Health Simple Plant-Based recipes book for good health is not just a cookbook but rather a guide to healthy eating.

In this book you will find over 60 delicious plant-based, whole-food recipes, that will improve your health and provide a variety of appetizing meal choices for your home and  to go.


This is not just a recipe book it explores the scientific evidence of the benefits of a plant-based, whole-food diet in helping  individuals to achieve optimal health.

Janice Emanuel McLean, Ph.D, ND has combined  over 30 years  of experience in teaching and facilitating classes and seminars in plant-based nutrition and her passion for cooking in this book. She takes a comprehensive look at  Green, Yellow and Red light foods and shows that if one focuses on whole foods, ( from the ground to the plate)  then  disease risks will be significantly reduced.


This book helps you to make healthy vegan, plant-based whole-food recipes that will enhance your health and wellness.

In This Book You Will Learn

Book Spot Light.jpg

Simple healthy recipes

Information on Green, yellow and red light foods

information on plant based substitutions

Information on  health benefits of plants and vegetables

Foods That Reduced inflammation

Foods that lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes and improved kidney function.

Food that reduced risk of heart disease

Foods that low levels of 'bad' cholesterol

Foods that reduced risk of cognitive impairment and dementia

Food that improves gut health

Information on  health benefits of plants and vegetables

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