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CHEEZE Chickpeas/Broccoli Patties

Updated: Apr 17, 2023


●2 medium heads of broccoli

● 1 can chickpeas

● 2 T. flax seed with equal part water

● 1/2 c. Noochy Licious

● 2 t. each garlic, onion powder

● ½ sweet pepper

● ½ t. sea salt

● 2 t. fresh lemon juice (optional)

● 1 c. vegan cheese (Daiya mozzarella or similar)

● 1 c. +/- chickpea flour

See Instructional Video


Steam the broccoli in smallish chunks. Then once it's fork-tender, pulse it up in a food processor until you have smaller than bite-size pieces: not a slurry, but it will need to stick together.

● Remove the broccoli and do the same with your chickpeas.

● Combine the two and set aside.

● In another bowl mix your flax 'eggs'. Mix the meal with water and allow it to sit for a

minute to become kinda eggy. Once it's ready, add the remaining ingredients including your broccoli/chickpea mash, but save the flour for last. Add that in little by little to get just the right consistency for making some righteous party patties!

● Taste them and re-spice if necessary.

● Then lay them out on a piece of parchment and bake at 425 for about 30 minutes, flipping halfway. Allow them to go to golden brown.

● Serve with just about anything you want.


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